Monday, March 7, 2011

chapter 29 summary

Josie at speech night.
Speech night was a very emotional night, the HSC was almost over and it would be the last time that they would be wearing their uniform.
“I’m only Dux because I didn’t want you to be” she told me.
When josie went to the ladies she bumps into Ivy and they start to talk to each other about how close they were to john and that they didn’t know what could have caused him to commit suicide, in the end Josie and Ivy hug each other and Josie tells Ivy that if they ever go to the same university that if they bumped into each other they would go out for a cappuccino. In this chapter we get to see that Ivy and Josie can get along when they choose to be and even though they had there ups and downs they still ended up as good friends, just the way that john hoped it would be like.

chapter 28 summary

Josie is hit with a shocking surprise.
When Josie went to school the next day she sees Ivy sitting on the stairs holding her head in her hands and Josie asks her what was wrong then Ivy tells her that John was dead but Josie thought that it was a joke when Ivy told her but then when she saw anna come up to her and hold her in her arms and say that she was very sorry josie had to go to the ladies room and she vomited and then when she was done she fell to the ground and she felt like she wanted to cry but she couldn’t because she was so angry.
“he killed himself.”
“He swallowed tablets and they found him this morning.”
“For God’s sake, josie, he’s dead, my father wrote the fucking autopsy report.”
In this chapter we get to see that josie and ivy have so much in common because they both loved john and they both cared about him so much, we also get to see that josie has a lot of fear in her because she is to scared to die and she never wants her family to die because she loves them so much.

chapter 27 summary

Josie goes to watch her cousin robert play at his rugby union game.
While at the game josie bumps into john who was also watching the game and asks josie what she was doing at the game, she said that she bribed her cousin because if she went to his game he had to take her to the St. Anthony’s graduation.
“Oh yes, where only the privileged can attend. I promised Ivy when we were about twelve I think.”
In this chapter we get to see that josie and john get along very well and that they both like each other but they were both to shy to tell each other that they did when they were younger.

chapter 26 summary

Josie forgives her grandmother for doing what she did over thirty years ago.
“your grandfather francesco treated me like one of his farm animals.”
Josie and her friends were going to go to Anna’s to do some last minute studying for the HSC but when the bus came Josie say’d to her friends that she would miss out and instead she went to her grandmothers house. When Josie got to her grandmothers house she gave her the biggest hug she has ever given and she cried her guts out, when they sat down in the living room Josie asks why? And then her grandmother tells her more of what happened and because of that she starts to resent her nonno a bit because of what he did to nonna katia.
In this chapter Josie learns that her grandmother had dreams like her and that she did what she did because she was angry with francesco and only him because he had left her alone for so long.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

chapter 25 summary

Josie and her family celebrate her mothers birthday.
Josie lets her mother go to her cousins house and stays at her grandmothers house and then she blows her top off at her grandma and finds out that marcus sandford is her mother’s father and not her nonno.
In this chapter we get to see that Josie dislikes her grandmother for doing what she did and she has been telling her that australians are bad and she should go out with an italian man instead.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

chapter 24 summary

Jacob wants to meet Josie's grandmother.
When Josie and Jacob are walking down the stairs she sees her grandmother and Jacob tells Josie that he wants to meet her because he thought it would be nice but Josie repeatedly says no because she has just earned her grandmothers trust again and she doesn't want to lose that. "My grandmother wouldn't understand, jacob. give it time. she was brought up in a different time and place . i know it's hard enough for you to understand. It's hard enough for me."
In this chapter we get to see that Josie feels kind of ashamed of her grandmother because her grandmother always to carry on with her family tradition. we also get to see that Josie and Jacob don't always have the right things to say to each other.

chapter 23 summary

Josie gets to understand her grandmother more than she has ever before.
Josie learns that her grandmother was a very lonely person when she moved to australia because nonno had to work and he worked on the cain farms when they lived in Queensland.
"He came to see me though. he said that it would his heart if i would leave. i could see it in his eyes. but if i stayed i knew i would break my heart."
In this chapter we get to see Josie and her grandmother really close to each other, we also get to see that Josie is interested in what her grandmothers life was like when she first moved to Australia.